Thursday, May 20, 2010

God Stuff

The days are going by so fast and so often it seems that I don't take time out to really stop and see what God has been doing in my life and heart, and also in the lives He has chosen to put around me. In my quiet time this morning I was pondering so many things of the last few weeks and it made me rejoice in my Lord all over again. It is so easy to be discouraged, but when we really start counting our blessings it puts our hearts right.

Some of my bigger God moments from the past few days:

I love how God takes my broken, sinful nature and somehow has used that to nurture these 5 beautiful children He has entrusted me with for all these years. To see one certain young man repent and become right with God has caused me to be in total awe. Another certain daughter has so surpassed me both in her love for her Lord and her knowledge and desire to know Him more that I can only sit back and wonder what God will do with the rest of her young life. A husband who holds so strongly to the Lord and His word has been my steady rock for so many ups and downs.

I love when God is so gentle in my disobedience. Rather than giving me what I deserve He so gently wraps His arms around me in my disgruntled state and leads me ever so gently to His word. Unmistakeably leading me to just the scripture He ordained to be wrote hundreds of years ago that He might whisper it into my ear now and bring repentance. When I put my feelings before His words He forgives even that.

I love watching how God puts people right smack in the middle of my life when I am not even aware of it, and then takes such person and allows me to watch Him transform them. How he grows me right along beside them and allows them to watch the growth in me as well. To rejoice in their joys, and wrap my arms around them in their repentance.

I love how God reunites people after hurt and allows rejoicing in the works of His hand. When His time has finally come to bring things to completion and together we can anticipate what He will do next. Bring home those babies God!

I love how God used His son Jesus to remove the sting of death, even from a too-young-mothers early homecoming. How, somehow, in the midst of cancer and death a family can rejoice that she is now with her Savior and long for their own meeting with their maker.

I love it when God uses something as simple as a few quiet moments and lots of questions in the midst of a 30 hour weekend shift to share the gospel with a friend whom He has continued to bring into every area of my life. I love it even more when He gives me the words to say.

I love knowing that therefor there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ. That for an eternity I will keep learning how wide and how long and how high and how deep is the love of Christ for me.