More Glory Ministries

More Glory Ministries is a non-profit Christian ministry.

Our greatest desire is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as we attempt to declare the glory of God through what He has chosen to do in our lives.

The primary source of sharing the gospel is through Christian book distribution. All donations and proceeds from book sales are used to promote the gospel message of salvation found in Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the truths found in the Holy Bible.

Other venues of the ministry have included fishing scholarships which allow us to share the gospel in honor of Trent's love of fishing. As the Lord leads, funds will be used in similar ways that would promote the furthering of the gospel.

If you have any questions, please contact Rob or Terri Stellrecht by leaving a comment, or email me at and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you are so led, and would like to support our ministry of sharing the gospel, know that we are humbly appreciative. God Bless!


Works of More Glory Ministries:

February 2011~ Our eyes were opened to the brevity of this life when our 12-year-old son, Trent, went home to heaven in a skiing accident. By God's grace, Trent was saved just months prior to his death. Our longing for God became intense as we realized the multitudes around us that did not know about Jesus' saving grace through His death on the cross. In answer to our prayers to know God better, He chose this time of suffering to draw us closer and to allow us to submit our lives to His service.

Not in a way that we would have chose, but out of a great trust in our Heavenly Father's sovereignty, our lives became about sharing the gospel. Starting at the funeral, Rob has had numerous opportunities to speak to youth groups, as well as men's groups and at church and camp meetings, sharing the gospel.

For Terri, God called her to continue her work of writing by sharing Trent's story of salvation in book and blog form, as well as by asking the ultimate question of, "What if it had been you that died in that skiing accident? Where would you be?"

We know that Trent is in Heaven because of the truths found in Scripture; we long for the day when Jesus returns to reign. Our prayer is that you, too, will know this Savior, Jesus Christ, and will trust Him wherever He may lead you.

November 2011~ The first draft of the book, How My Savior Leads Me, became available for distribution.
November 2011~ Terri had the opportunity to be a guest on the radio program, Christian Devotions Speak-Up, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through sharing Trent's story, as well as promoting her new book, How My Savior Leads Me.
December 2011~ An application was approved to create a non-profit ministry fund originally named the Trent Stellrecht Gospel Sharing Fund, later to be renamed More Glory Ministries.
December 2011~ Book signing at the local library announcing the book, along with coverage in two local newspapers. Such a great turnout of love and support by friends, family and community.

January 2012~ Books and gifts of money were donated in honor of Trent at his favorite ice-fishing contest.
January 2012~ The booklet, A Fisher of Men, was begun by Terri.
February 2012~ Rob had the privilege to speak at a men's breakfast and present the gospel of Jesus Christ through sharing Trent's story.
February 2012~ Funds were used to print Trent's story to commemorate the one year anniversary of his going home to heaven, along with the proclamation of the gospel, in the Duluth Star and Tribune with the potential of reaching 55,000+ readers.
February 2012~ After giving away or selling more than 600 books it was decided to reprint the book with Create Space with whom we could print the books for less than our current publisher, which means more books can be given away. Work began on this endeavor. Several books were sent out for promotional book giveaways and reviews via the Internet.
April 2012~ Terri was privileged to attend a Ladies Luncheon in Oakdale, MN, hosted by Beacon of Hope Church where her book was displayed along with the day's message of the importance of living our lives for God, as well as the gospel message being presented by Sue Szajner through her own tragic loss of a son.
April 2012~ The booklet, A Fisher of Men, was printed. Plans for local fishing scholarships were begun with the hopes of sharing the gospel by giving away books with the scholarships.
April 2012~ The original first order of 700 books of How My Savior Leads Me have been sold out, and we anticipate the new books soon! Good reports continue to come in of the amazing things that God is doing! We look forward to eternity when we will see God's plan revealed clearly and all those He will call through our meager efforts will be known.
May 2012~ 125 copies of the book, A Fisher of Men, were mailed out free of charge to various fishing ministries for the purpose of sharing the gospel.
May 2012~ A fishing license scholarship project has begun in honor of Trent's love for fishing. 25 scholarships include:$10 gift cards, the book A Fisher of Men and a letter of introduction. They will be available on a first-come basis at our local Holiday station. Two newspapers are scheduled to announce the scholarships.
July 2012~ The revised version of the book, How My Savior Leads Me, is available! The print and formatting work is beautiful, and was so worth the investment. 300 copies were ordered and we anticipate where God wants them to go.
July 2012~ Our daughter, Alexis, authored and created the art work for a children's book, Remember the Night, which is an allegorical tale about a little girl and her mother as they explore the promises and hope found in God. It is already available on Amazon, and Lord willing, soon it will be distributed to various libraries, etc.
October 2012~ We were able to attend a local women's expo and display our books, along with our handcrafted farm soaps.
November 2012~ Alexis finished her second children's book, Where were you on Christmas Eve?, just in time for the Christmas season. We anticipate what God will do with them to further His Kingdom. 
November 2012~ With another holiday season we are seeing again the depth of the pain of grief. We strive to remember God's grace, and how long eternity will be, as we celebrate without Trent.
December 2012~ Our books and farm goods were displayed at a local Craft Fair. We were able to sell and give away several books.

January 2013~ To date, just over 1,000 How My Savior Leads Me books have been distributed, with nearly two-thirds of them given out for free to minister to hurting souls. Another 100 books were purchased with the anticipation of sharing them as God leads. Praising the Lord for His provision for such a pain-filled ministry! Thank you to those who have partnered with us in prayer, donations and book purchases! Every cent goes towards sharing the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ.
January 2013~ The cold winter months have been a good time to work on a new book, a devotional called When Hope Survives. Progress is slow, waiting for God to lead, but even in its rough stages our families hope has been boosted through it as we remember the promises found in Scripture.
February 2013~ Memorial adds were printed in both our local newspaper and the Duluth Tribune giving God the glory for allowing Trent to be in Heaven by the provision of Jesus' atonement on the cross. Our prayers continue for the souls that God directs to read Trent's story.
February 2013~ In memory of Trent, we were able to donate Sam Campbell's Living Forest book series to our local library. Reading did not come easy for Trent as a young boy, and it certainly was not one of his favorite things to do. After charming the elderly volunteer ladies for several months at the library reading program, Trent finally began to enjoy reading. The Living Forest series were some of the first books that he actually chose to read. Memorial stickers were placed on the inside cover of the books with the gospel and our blog address, again with the hope that the good news of Jesus would shine in unexpected places.
April 2013~ Our second annual fishing license scholarship project has continued in honor of Trent's love for fishing. Twenty five scholarships include: $10 gift card towards a fishing license, the book A Fisher of Men and a letter of introduction as to why we are offering the scholarships (because of Trent's love of fishing, but more so to offer the recipient the hope that is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ). They will be available on a first-come basis at our local Holiday station. Two newspapers are scheduled to announce the scholarships.
April 2013~ Spring ushers in Craft Fairs where we have hosted a booth with our soaps and books. Several books were sold (and given away) this month, which was a direct answer to prayer to help build up the ministry fund to buy another few boxes of needed books. May God be glorified! We will trust Him to be the faithful provider of this little ministry.
May 2013~ As part of our annual "end of the year home school hurrah" we hosted another history reenactment day. Since we are always on the lookout to turn normal events into gospel sharing events, Terri designed and printed a scrapbook of the day to be made available to the numerous participants and their families. A memorial of Trent along with the clear gospel message and eternity challenge was included at the end of the book. All proceeds from the books will go towards More Glory Ministries and furthering the spread of God's good news of salvation.
June 2013~ More Craft Fairs meant more opportunities to share our books and the gospel of Jesus Christ through Trent's story.
July 2013~ In response to Jesus' challenge to the rich young ruler (Luke 18:18-23) and many prayers, our family has decided to sell our farm to relieve debt and commitments and be available for full time ministry if the Lord allows. We are unclear of what exactly that looks like right now, but will trust God's leading.
Fall 2013~ God continues to show us glimpses of His work through the shared testimonies of reading Trent's story. Praise the Lord!
November 2013~ Revisions were started to update the book cover of How My Savior Leads Me. Design Crowd, an online design site, was selected to create a new cover. By December a winner was chosen and the process of updating the book and interior has begun.
December 2013~ The ministry hosted a camera giveaway to a lucky winner through the OurCrazyFarm blog. Another camera and books were sent to The Gap ministry.
Year End 2013~ The end of the year brought an opportunity to be in prayer for the many hurting families that God has brought into our lives during the holiday season. Prayer may seem to be the least we can do, but God hears and answers our prayers, making this little offering into an overflowing channel for His grace to pour out. Let us not undermine its power. Three-hundred and twenty one books were sold or distributed this past year, with thought and effort planned to make it many more in 2014 so that the gospel and hope of Jesus will spread, especially to those living with loss. Work has continued, slowly but surely on the devotional book, When Hope Survives. A publishing date is anticipated for the Spring of 2014. The last couple of months have been spent working on designing a new book cover for How My Savior Leads Me, with new books becoming available in the next couple of months. The blogs (especially continue to receive many readers, along with numerous encouraging comments, and we hope and pray that God is doing His great work through the writing of it. Throughout it all, we are not forgetting of the fact that God is growing us deeper and causing a greater longing in us for Him as we miss Trent. In our personal life, we have offered up our farm for sale, and God has opened doors to take us out from our worldly entanglements and looks to be putting us in a new home with zero debt and a great desire for the serving opportunities we pray that He will bring to our family. We look forward to what 2014 brings.

January 2014~ We were unable to be supporters of Trent's favorite ice fishing contest due to it being cancelled because of poor weather and unsafe ice conditions. We will hope to be able to spread the gospel through this venue next year.
January 2014~ Work continues on the updated revisions for How My Savior Leads Me and we anticipate the new creation soon.
January 2014~ A gift was made to Lake Beauty Bible Camp's new discipleship program, Solid Rock.
February 2014~ "Trent's Story" was run in our local papers as well as the Duluth Tribune with a potential of reaching several thousand. An uncountable number of souls have heard of God's good plan for Trent's life. Please  pray with us that they would be woken up to considering the day that they meet this glorious God.
April 2014~ Exciting things happening with book productions! This month saw not only the completed face lift for the book How My Savior Leads Me, but also the completion of Terri's new book which is a memoir of our families time on the farm, OurCrazyFarm. Prayers are being lifted that the gospel message would ring through the fun story. Please pray for the next writing project which is a devotional book that is already in the works: When Hope Survives. Watch for announcements soon!
May 2014~ Fishing season officially opens the beginning of May in Wisconsin, which means that it is time to host our third annual fishing scholarship program in honor of Trent's love of fishing. Along with a $10 gift card to be applied to a fishing license, recipients also receive the booklet, A Fisher of Men. Please pray with us that God would lure in many fishers of men for Himself.
May 2014~ We are honored to be able to give away books at a local benefit, 2014 River's Run and Ride Rally, which honors grieving parents while benefiting the community through the charitable gifts received. Pray that God uses Trent's story to help bring healing to hurting families, as well as reaching many hearts while revealing His glory in His good plans, even if it means severe mercy is needed in our lives.
May 2014~ Terri has been invited to speak at a women's luncheon in Hutchinson, MN. The message: Desperate Mother's and Daughters. Could there be anything sweeter than being desperate for God? You can listen to the message on YouTube here:

December 2014~ It's hard to believe that yet again we are closing another year. How fast the time flies! Our Summer and Fall were spent in selling our farm and moving to a small lake view home (read about why here: Not a small feat considering that we had nearly a decade to pack up, but we gladly followed the Lord's clear calling. As we tried to focus first on helping the family adjust, we also took advantage of opportunities to share books (269 books in 2014). In the middle of our moving busyness, we took advantage of some volunteer opportunities and as a family we were able to help with a remodeling project, a re-roofing project, as well as a hard working weekend of woodcutting at camp. Terri has been involved in our local AWANA children's ministry and has greatly enjoyed working with the children again. In the Fall we were presented with the opportunity of purchasing a small cabin near camp, and after much consideration and prayer, have decided to move forth. A vision of starting a Prayer Cabin, as well as a home base for future fulltime ministry, are our hopes. All in all, it has been a season of much needed rest. After being renewed, we look forward to seeking where God wants us in His plan of advancing His Kingdom through His glorious gospel.
January ~ Over two dozen books, varying from different authors including John Piper to Richard Baxter, were purchased to donate to the Solid Rock Discipleship Program (Lake Beauty Bible Camp, Long Prairie, MN). Imagine the lives that will be enriched for years to come!
January ~ We were able to offer a $50 prize for a children's raffle at Trent's favorite ice fishing contest on Burlingame Lake, sponsored by the Danbury Lions Club. Books were included along with many prayers that gospel seeds would be planted in midst of a cold WI winter. Rob, Cole and Micah enjoyed the day of fishing fun.
January 2015~ Closing happened on the cabin. Prayers will continue for wisdom asking God how He will allow us to use it for His glory.