Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bible Bingo

A long ago pastor called it Bible Bingo. I call it talking with God. I have fond memories of my Dad mentioning conversing with the Almighty through His word in much the same way. What am I talking about? Simply asking God what He has to say to you today and patiently waiting for His answer. Waiting for God's direction to lead us in His word. Aside from daily being immersed in Scripture God speaks profoundly to His children from passages we wouldn't even consider going to on our own little scheduled sanctification plans. Places like Revelation 13, where He again reminds His children to beware of the schemes of the evil one. Warns them of the days to come, where deceit and lies will rule. Encourages them to patiently endure and hold faithfully to His word. Reminds them of who wins in the end, and that He really will be with them and will come riding in on his mighty steed to save them. This calls for wisdom. Wisdom from above. People get ready, the days are getting shorter according to my understanding. Are you ready for eternity?