Tuesday, April 2, 2013

That the Legacy May Continue

One of Trent's many joys in his young life was fishing. Often times I would find myself wondering, after observing this obvious gift from God (if fishing can really be called a gift), how it was going to be used for God's glory or for advancing the coming Kingdom of Christ. Shortly after Trent's death God revealed a bit of the answer.
Although it took nearly a year to come into fruition, once the shock of the accident started to wear off we shifted into high gear and printed a gospel sharing booklet written in fisherman language. Shortly after it arrived, we contacted our local newspapers and announced a fishing scholarship in honor of Trent. Gift cards to be used towards a fishing license, plus the books, were handed out to anyone buying a license at our local Holiday station bait store who wanted a scholarship until supplies ran out. 
With Spring right around the corner, we are planning our second year of scholarships. Our hope and prayer is that God would be glorified through the suffering in our life that has resulted in the gospel message going forth so that many would have an opportunity to hear about this offer of salvation.
Trent loved fishing, but ultimately he came to find a greater joy in his Savior Jesus Christ, which has proved to be invaluable when he died at the young age of twelve. 

Can we be a blessing to your Christian fishing program?
If so, please contact us at MoreGlory@grantsburgtelcom.net to discuss the details.