Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bible Study ~ Genesis 18-19

Genesis 18-19 

Who is it about? God or us?

“The Lord appeared to Abraham...” Genesis 18:1 Just let that thought sink in for a moment: The Lord appeared to Abraham. Visits from the Almighty were a regular occurrence for Abraham, much different than our experience today. What was Abraham's response? Did he recognize who these visitors were? Who were they?

After tending to their needs (washing their feet, feeding them, giving them rest) the visitors ask about Sarah. Where was she? They reiterated again God's promise of a son. What was Sarah's response? Why was her laugh rebuked when Abraham's was accepted? (Abraham responded in faith, Sarah responded with doubt and distrust.)

God includes Abraham into His council and tells him of His plans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Why do you think God would have discussed the matter with Abraham? Was God needing advice? What was Abraham's request? Why do you think God chose to grant it?

The angels were sent ahead to Sodom – what did they discover? What was the response of the future sons-in-law? (Verse 19: 14 “thought he was joking”) Was God just in destroying the cities? Explain...

The angels woke the family early in the morning and granted them escape. Why had Lot not left before morning? Why would he be hesitant to leave? Lot pleads to change the requirements of the escape, and the angels consent and allow them to only flee as far as the nearest town of Zoar to make it easier on the family. Lot's wife looks back (ignoring the angel's command not to) and is turned to a pillar of salt.

We see that even though Lot's family just saw the result of sin first hand, and the serious consequences of it, within a matter of (probably days to weeks) there is more sexual sin already manifested in their lives. The sins of the father/culture had certainly passed along to the children. How does our culture compare to that of Sodom and Gomorrah? Do you see any similarities? What is the core of the sin that abounds in our country? (The denial of God leads to depraved, unchecked hearts- Romans 1:21-24, God turns us over to our sins when we refuse Him – Sodom is the epitome of what manifested sin looks like.)

The Ammonite and Moabite tribes that resulted have brought much strife throughout history for the nation of Israel, but ultimately the extent of God's grace to forgive every kind of sin, and use it for His glory, is seen through the hereditary line of Ruth (Ruth was a Moabite who was in the ancestral line of Jesus Christ).

If all Scripture points to Jesus Christ and all events will ultimately glorify God, how is that seen in this historical account? How is this account a representation of the hope found through the gospel? (Salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, God is able to forgive every sin through the atonement of Christ.)

The God of all grace is capable of making every situation glorify His name. But this same God will not tolerate sin. Jesus is coming soon (Revelation 22:20) and will deal once and for all with sin. Where are you with God? Are you ready to meet Him face to face?
Bible Study Credits: Terri Stellrecht