Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Would Trent Say?

The truck is temporarily broke down so I had the pleasure of driving Rob back and forth to work yesterday as I needed the van for the afternoon. It gave us quiet time to share what God is doing in our lives and to be an encouragement to each other, a very rare thing indeed to have an uninterrupted conversation twice in one day. As I was sharing some of my struggles he asked me "What would Trent say to you if he could come back just for a moment?"

It made me look at things from heaven's view again, from an eternal perspective, from the side of God's sovereign plan.

What would Trent say? I can imagine the beaming smile on his face first. That grin from ear to ear. I can almost hear his giggle as I type this and see those sparkly eyes. He sure wouldn't want to stay for more than a moment after being in the presence of his Savior, not even for his mother. I would not want to take him from Him.

Then I can imagine him saying "Hold on Mom, God isn't kidding! He knows what He's doing. See you when you get here! Love you!" He wouldn't encourage me to lament, or waste my time doubting, or whining, or chasing the world. He would, rather, encourage me to only live for Christ, for the gospel going out, for the complete glory of God. He would tell me to go deeper, to give up everything here, to strive to enter the Kingdom even harder, to tell others, to warn, to encourage, to strengthen.

He would share about God. Things I can't even imagine or comprehend. Things he could probably hardly start to explain in a way that I could understand them. He would make me long to be in heaven even more. He would tell me it's real, that it's worth it, to keep fighting the good fight, to keep trusting God.

And then, if there was time, he would ask if we could go fishing.

I sure miss that little bugger.