Thursday, April 7, 2011

Faith of a Child

April 3, 2011

To watch a child is to understand God on a whole different level. Jesus said that unless we had faith like a child's we would not enter heaven. Is salvation really as hard as we want to make it out to be? Is trusting God really that difficult? Did He say it? Then why don't we believe it and simply live like He instructed? Traci shared with me that the day after the accident, when the house was overflowing and the multitude of kids were all enjoying the party, one of her six came and said they couldn't find Trent. She reminded them that Trent had died and was in heaven, remember? Oh that's right, and off they went to play. Total trust. God said it, God did it, keep living, keep laughing, keep believing, keep smiling. Let me sit at your feet and learn of your God little one's.