Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Days

April 3, 2011
Some days I forget what the fight is about. Some days I forget that God is sovereign. Some days I wish Trent was still here. Some days I torture myself with the thoughts of the things he will not be here for. Some days I look at trails through the snow and realize he will never walk those trails. Some days I look at the places he was, and now is not. Some days I hate it that the toothpaste tube that was full when he was alive now needs to be thrown away. Some days I hate it that I have to use Colgate now instead of Aquafresh because somebody was so kind to bring us toothpaste because our son died. Some days I hate sin more than other days because sin leads to death. Some days I forget how to put one foot in front of the other. But then those days God sends His words again. God sends his children to minister again. God turns my eyes to the cross again. God brings me back to where it all matters~ not here, but eternity. Not me, but Him. Not now, but then. Then, when He will ransom those that are His. Then, when there will be no more tears. Then, when those dead in Christ will rise first and there will be no more death. Then, when all that the locust destroyed will be restored. Then, when all those that were brought to Christ through the death of one twelve year old boy will be revealed. Then, when those rich rewards will be given out, only to be layed at the feet of my Savior because He will be enough. Some days, everyday, God really is more than sufficient to turn my eyes back to Him when they look to the now and here to be the balm. Today, again, I will cling to my Rock.