Saturday, October 24, 2009

Battle Cry

Monday, February 16, 2009

Battle Cry
Alexis attended a youth group event this past weekend with her peers from church, and came home with a great book by Ron Luce called "Battle Cry for my Generation". She also came home beaming! From a weekend of being soaked in praise and worship and amazing speakers for the glory of God! I am jealous!

But, onto the book....I picked it up this morning, just to skim thru so I can expect to discuss it with her in the following days. I have to admit, I wanted to hide it, and stick my head in the sand, rather than let my baby girl be exposed to what this ugly world really is about. Yes, there is beauty to be found, as after all it is God's creation, but what man has done to it is ugly. The culture we are trying to raise our kids in is ugly. And dangerous.

I struggle with how much and how soon to share the details with our emerging teenager. We have chosen to immerse them in the word, so that at least they have God's measuring rod to use when the time comes to see these things for themselves.Ron Luce writes to the teenager about the media, etc., that battle for their money, time and affection. All those things that are contrary to God's word. False promises in the joys and attitudes that this world would bring, primarily in sex, media, removing Christ and His word and values, living to please ourselves. First thought was, she is 13, I do not want to get into the nitty gritty of sex.... But, I am left no choice. Even if we try to avoid it, we are bombarded by it daily. Even with our choice of having no incoming television, patrolling internet use, and hand picking movies for our children, we cannot avoid the issue as the world throws it at them. It is all around them. Again, we try to head it off by showing them God's design on the subject. But, the ripe old age of 13 will bring many new opportunities to see it as the world does.

Another topic he delves into is the devil and his schemes. Something I have been pondering for some time, as I have seen the same issues in my life. He calls Christians to be Warriors, rather than just Social Club Members. I definitely have been failing in that area, and was encouraged yet again to run to the battle line in defense of my family, and also others that God is bringing before us. Myself included.

Consider these quotes, and see if your day is not changed. Mine was....

Stop playing patty cake with the devil.

No more letting him destroy precious lives. You cannot just sit by and hope that the devil will just give up and stop fighting against you.

Jesus Christ did not give His life to start a social club; His church was meant to be an army.

Advancing the kingdom takes alot more than just going to church and singing "Kum-ba-yah".

Living for Christ was never meant to be a part-way thing. It is a radical, life changing decision to give the controls of your life over to God - forever.

It is a moral obligation of every soldier to run to the fight and engage the enemy until the battle is won.

Over the weekend I watched the movie Braveheart. For all the gore, blood, and gruesome scenes, it is a movie that I keep coming back to. It makes me think of what am I willing to give up my whole life and dreams to fight for? Robert the Bruce, in talking to his father, made the comment (to the effect of) "I almost lost hope. I will never lose hope again!" In that moment, he got off the fence, and fought on the side of William Wallace, and eventually the kingdom was won. I have, in a sense, lost hope in... (fill in the blank for yourself). I find myself fighting to regain it, and longing for God to reveal it, and to again have the strength to run to the battle lines for the sake of The Kingdom. In His way, He brings the encouragement needed. Leaving me here, struggling, so that I can be renewed in His strength alone, until the time comes to pick up the sword again and get back out on the battlefield.