Monday, October 26, 2009

Wearing the Scarlett Letter

I have again been reminded of my own sinfulness by the way I have handled being confronted with a wrong doing. I find myself justifying my actions, rather than admitting my wrong. I find myself wanting to be the one in the right, make myself look good, rather than see God glorified. Rather than learning by running into this brick wall, I want to tear down the brick wall so as to silence it. How deep my pride goes. I want to cover up my past evil doing and make it go away without dealing with it. I realize how deep my own desires are for myself to be content with me, rather than to see Christ grow in me. My prayer is that God would break this self centeredness in me, and turn it into a Christ-centeredness. But as He is doing that painful work I rebel against it. Ouch, it hurts! May my heart truly be for Him and His truths. Not my own.