Sunday, October 25, 2009

Something's Missing (besides that piece to my bread machine)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Something's Missing (besides that piece to my bread machine)
A little conviction, plus some food for thought this morning as I read through the latest Christian Aid's Christian Mission magazine. Quotes like " Burning with zeal to see the Lord's name established in Senagal..." "...bringing many to the Lord and discipling them intensely." "Hundreds have come to the Lord..." "Suleman is committed to seeing that the Lord's purpose is fulfilled in every believer's life, and that takes discipleship." "They do so with conviction, courage and at great personal cost."

Hmmm... I haven't noticed that in too many lives around here. I'm not sure that my life even reflects that at this point. I am a bit more teetering on the exhausted end of summer stage, rather than burning with desire to see my loved one's and neighbors come to a knowledge of God's salvation and seeing that His purpose is fulfilled in their lives by discipling them. What's the difference between us in America and a man in Africa? Have we made Christianity such of a common, luke-warm thing here that people don't realize eternity is on the line? I heard once that if every pastor were dipped in Hell just up to his ankles, his preaching and zeal would be transformed to a higher level. Have we forgotten what it's all about? How does one display that in their lives?

I think a part of that answer lies in another quote from the magazine "Suleman prayed for a strategy to affect the entire nation". The kids and I were reading in Revelation the other day about how our prayers come before God in heaven, with an assembly of angelic hosts surrounding God, in a sense, to see how He will respond and bring glory to His own name. If God savors our prayers, longs to glorify His name through them, bottles up every tear we cry out to Him, promises to lead and guide, then why are we not on our knees more? Have we exchanged His glory for cotton candy and pony rides?

Then, there's discipleship. Do we know and obey the word of God ourselves? We live in a society of "christians" that do not know what the word of God says. We go to churches that do not require to even bring or open our Bibles. Are we training our families in the word? To be warriors for Christ, who will run to the battle line for His sake, to pick up their swords, fully equipped for the battle. Or, are we still playing pattycake with the devil?

Another quote "From the beginning Suleman understood the importance of raising up a generation of children who know the Lord." May the Lord raise up willing workers who give all to raise up a generation of children to know Him here. May He raise up strong leaders and teachers who will uphold the importance of training in the truth.

Okay, okay, I'll go find some cute kid pictures to post. These are just the things that continue to roll around in my head and won't stop. Better go find my own little warriors and equip them for the battle.