Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not Sure if I'm There Yet

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not sure if I'm there yet
Reading through a pamphlet from church yesterday, I came across a very convicting and encouraging sentence. A young gentleman, after being gorged by a bull and surviving the whole ordeal, came out of it with the following thoughts:
As a result I told the Lord He could use my life and my abilities to do what He had in mind
Wow! It humbled me on the spot. Especially because I had just been whining to the Lord about all my dreams and hopes and plans of how everything could be perfect in my life. I guess I forgot for a few minutes that He knows what He's doing, and really doesn't need my opinion. Right where I am, struggling with all the "me" things, is right where He wants me. Ouch! Guess it's a lot more me, than anything else, then. Better suck it up and repent.
I try to see and encourage our kids in the abilities that God has given them, and find ways for them to use them in their lifes to glorify God. Somehow I have missed doing this for myself. Or else have been only wanting to use certain abilities, instead of the ones God has been drawing out, and also refusing to let go of the one's He is painfully pruning. Again, I hold my hands wide open and accept what He has to offer, and get out of bed and make the coffee; strong, please, and extra cream....